Property development

Projects that positively impact local communities and commercial activities

Projects that positively impact local communities and commercial activities

Stagfield Group is a property development company devoted to providing high-quality housing that is both sustainable and affordable, across the Midlands and South of England. Our experienced team provides exceptional service to our tenants, homeowners, investors and communities. Over 20 years, we have developed over £150million of property and over 2 million square feet of land with over 250 new homes and mixed use schemes planned for completion in the coming years.

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New homes

Beautiful homes in stunning locations

Stagfield creates new homes that are design led and built using low energy methods that are better for the environment, creating sustainability and style alongside quality and affordability. We are always looking to find better ways to build and add sustainable features that will benefit householders for a lifetime – and our environment for even longer. With more than 250 new homes planned for completion.

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Strategic land development

Identifying opportunities and creating value for landowners

We work with landowners to identify strategic opportunities for land development. Our specialist team takes you from initial planning application right through to sale - facilitating the build of new residential developments and creating value from otherwise unused or unexplored land. Generate new value in your land and contribute to sustainable property development that benefits local communities and commercial activities.

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Hotels and private rental sector developments

Create ideal properties for inner city living

With over 25 years of experience in redeveloping hotels and inner-city properties, Stagfield helps property owners to achieve the full potential of their investments. Our work includes building new commercial developments from the ground up, converting existing buildings or new greenfield or brownfield sites.

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